Sunday, January 1, 2012

Unlocking a New Year...

Today I decided to unlock the new year by walking through an unfamiliar door...the blogging world.  It has been my goal for quite sometime to keep some sort of journal in order to write down thoughts, ideas, hardships, victories, etc.  So here's to 2012 and what lies ahead!

As I was wasting time on one of my favorite websites,, I stumbled upon picture of keys. 
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I have a fascination with keys, mostly because each one is unique and symbolizes something more.  The keys reminded me of possibilities and opportunities waiting to be seized, but which one too choose?  Some of the keys could unlock a house, car, classroom, or building.  Some keys could figuratively unlock hearts, minds, dreams,  progress, a mystery, or nothing. As cheesy and cliche as this may sound it doesn't change the fact that it is true.  In a sense we are all given a key.  Some of us make copies of our key to give to others, allowing them  to come inside our doors willingly.  Some only lend their key expecting to get it back with something in return, while others keep their keys hidden, never allowing anyone to really unlock their door. 

So, as we begin this new year what will you do with your key?

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